Cooking lesson with our toddler class

Cody Rowlands
Cooking lesson with our toddler class

The children at our playgroup helped make their own sandwiches and milkshakes this week as part of our jobs theme. This job was the parent job. We used very basic ingredients. For the sandwiches we kept it simple with plain white Bread, butter, a choice of strawberry jam or vegemite. Then for the milkshakes just milk and chocolate syrup. But they were able to have a “cooking” session and were so proud to eat their products. It was the first time most of them had used a knife (plastic) and a lot of them had yet to drink out of an open cup. This also provided some new ideas for the parents. Kids are better at eating when they too are involved with the process of how it’s made.

This has sparked an interest in cooking with lots of them and we will have to think of some more basic cooking we can do I. The future. Little clean up with this one too so that was good for us educators.

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Cooking lesson with our toddler class
March 13, 2021
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