Toddler Vegetable Investigation Activity

.Madison Wilson
Toddler Vegetable Investigation Activity

At Little Leaders Learning Center in Miller Place, New York, they did a fun, "Investigation," with their toddlers! They came-up with a fun science activity where they took various vegetables and investigated/studied which ones would float and which would sink.

First everyone guessed if the veggies would float or sink, and then they did their experiment (putting the vegetables in a tub full of water) to see if they had guessed correctly!

Floating Fun!

All of the students had a wonderful time examining the vegetables up-close and discussing which they thought would float and which would sink. It was exciting to see how peppers and broccoli floated, but carrots sunk! The class talked about how some vegetables are more buoyant (it is easier for them to float) and some (like carrots) were more dense and that is why they sunk. It was a fun and easy activity that only needed a tub full of water and an assortment of vegetables for everyone to have a great time investigating!


Little Leaders Learning Center

Miller Place, New York

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Toddler Vegetable Investigation Activity
November 3, 2019
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