Fun Toddler Art Activities

Fun Toddler Art Activities

Fun Toddler Art Activities

At Metrokids Preschool - Battery Park City they did some fun art activities that their toddlers and other little ones had a ball engaging in!

Paint monsters

The children made scary monsters out of paint using their hands!

Papercraft monsters

The kids also assembled monsters out of paper and other loose parts!

Leaf rubbings

Everyone made leaf rubbings by placing leaves under pieces of paper and gently rubbing crayons atop them. It made some gorgeous designs!

Paint stamping

The toddlers enjoyed exploring stamps with paint as well. The art activities were all so much fun!

Source for photos: Metrokids Preschool - Battery Park City andthis link as well as this link.

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Fun Toddler Art Activities
October 27, 2020
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