Little Red Hen and Three Little Pigs Activities

Little Red Hen and Three Little Pigs Activities

Little Red Hen and Three Little Pigs Activities

They read two fun stories and did activities themed for them at Early Advantage Preschool, LLC. The stories of the little red hen, as well as the three little pigs, were both discussed, and then the students enjoyed doing tasks themed for the stories!

Little red hen

The story of the little red hen discusses a hen who makes bread. None of the animals on the farm want to help her as she harvests wheat and prepares the bread, but once it is baked everyone wants to eat it! The moral of the story is you should help with a task if you want to enjoy the reward for it. After reading this story the kiddos made their own red hens with construction and crepe paper.

Three little pigs

The tale of the three little pigs discusses how of three pigs one made a house of hay, the other of wood, and the last one from bricks. The one who made the house from bricks had to work the longest, but it paid off. This is because when the big bad wolf appears he blows down the hay and wood houses but can't blow down the brick house. This story shows how if we work hard the final result is better than if we don't put forth much effort. All the kids worked to build their own brick houses out of (toy) bricks after hearing this story. Both stories and the activities themed for them were fun!

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Early Advantage Preschool, LLC

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Little Red Hen and Three Little Pigs Activities
November 10, 2021
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