3 little pigs CRAFT

Milena Bandeira
3 little pigs CRAFT

STORYTELLING: I read the "Three little pigs" story along with my students and throughout the story they had to act some lines. In the end of the story, I challenged them to build a house which was supposed to be strong enough to remain standing.

The materials we used were:

- toothpicks

- gumdrops

- paper

- pencils

Students were given a certain amount of toothpicks and they had to build the house using only what they had. By doing so, they developed their problem-solving skills.

As English is not their first language, they also got to practice vocabulary on colors and numbers.

Besides building the house, they also drew their pigs.

When the house was ready, we tested whether it was actually strong by blowing it with a fan (you could also use a hairdryer). In order to make it even more fun, I printed the image of a wolf and stuck it on the fan.

Needless to say, they had a great time.

3 little pigs CRAFT
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3 little pigs CRAFT
January 15, 2022
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