Classroom Door Theme Ideas: Zoos and Animals!

Classroom Door Theme Ideas: Zoos and Animals!

If your preschool needs an idea for classroom door themes, one great one is doing a zoo-themed one about all the animals found at a zoo!

To make it extra-fun you could do what the Little Appleseed Learning Center did and tell each class to make their own unique zoo animals door theme with the winning class getting a gift card to a store like Target, Walmart, or any other popular shopping location! Here are some suggestions of themes.


As can be seen, the phrase, "Take a Walk on the Wild Side," has some of the letters colored to look like the stripes or spots of specific animals! Having your own fun phrase with the words designed to evoke popular animals is sure to be popular!

Zoo Cage

Having a door that looks like the opening to a zoo cage can be quite fun! To help students be involved have the preschoolers make their own animals out of craft supplies that then will be on the door, "Behind," the bars of the cage!


Students can help make their own crafted lions and then the pride (what a group of lions is called) will be put on the door to show an exciting scene of a bunch of lions--a favorite animal at the zoo!

Elephants and Peanuts

If there is one thing Elephants love, it is peanuts. For this door theme you can have a big crafted elephant and underneath the elephant little peanuts with pictures of your preschoolers--because you as the teacher love your own little, "Peanuts," after all!

Monkeys and Bananas

One of the biggest troublemakers at the zoo can be found swinging around and eating bananas--that's right, monkeys! Sometimes your preschoolers may act like little monkeys, and this theme is a great way to represent that

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Classroom Door Theme Ideas: Zoos and Animals!
August 23, 2019
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