Dino Shape Sorting Activity for Preschool Students

Dino Shape Sorting Activity for Preschool Students

This Dino shape sorting activity is great for preschool students who are in the process of learning their shapes.

Over four sheets there are six cards total, and within these six cards is a Dinosaur with a specific shape to cut-out and then match back with the correct Dino so as to fill it up. After printing all of these sheets out they can be laminated so that they can be reused multiple times as students learn shapes.

Dinosaur Shape Sorting Activity

How to Do the Dino Shape Sorting Activity

Once the pieces are all prepared students can be given the six cards all at once or one at a time. Then, they can take the little pieces and identify what each shape they pick up is (e.g., "This is a circle,") before following that step with putting the shape in the matching hole within the Dinosaur. This way students learn new shapes and see where they fit!


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Dino Shape Sorting Activity for Preschool Students
February 29, 2020
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