Dinosaur-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers

Dinosaur-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers


Paper Dinosaur Back

Lots of Dinosaurs have spiny backs from their head to their tail and with this fun craft your preschool students can enjoy pretending to be a Dino too! At Building Blocks Learning Center in Medford, Oregon, the teachers and students worked together to cut-out paper to make big spines the kids then were able to wear on their backs as they pretended to be Dinosaurs!

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

This activity encourages immense creativity in preschoolers. All you need to do is give your children a paper plate that has been cut in half along with a bunch of craft supplies (scrap paper, googly eyes, foam pieces) plus glue. Then ask your students to put whatever materials they want on the plate to make their own unique Dinosaur! It can have has many eyes or legs as it wants, three ears, five horns, or anything else! The students at Bright Prospects Cooperative Preschool in Minneapolis, Minnesota, absolutely loved it.

Hand-Print Dinosaur

Preschoolers love playing with paint, and that is just what they get to do in this craft! Students put their painted hand-print on a piece of paper and that makes-up the body and four legs of their Dinosaur. After that it is up to the preschooler to choose how else they want to decorate their Dinosaur with the rest of their paint and any other available supplies.

Paper Tube Dinosaurs

Paper tubes are a great crafting tool and often are easy to find as once we use-up paper towels or toilet paper we generally have a leftover tube. Don't recycle these tubes, though! Instead, do what Little Feet Preschool In Hampstead, Maryland did and use your excess tubes to make all kinds of exciting paper tube dinosaurs!

Dinosaur "Bones"

For this activity preschoolers can combine various, "Bones," that are actually made out of plastic/clay/rocks to create their own cool dinosaur, "Fossil," just like the kind paleontologists dig-up! Live Oak Preschool's students had a great time being creative.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

This is a perfect choice for a hot day. Put little toy dinosaurs in circular tubs of water and then freeze them. Once frozen you have the toy inside an, "Egg," that will be fun to play with by kids outside on a hot day who want to rub the cool ice on themselves and then enjoy when it melts and the egg, "Hatches," to reveal a fun toy Dino! Mountain View Parent Nursery School, Los Altos, California

Dinosaur-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers
August 23, 2019
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