Distance Learning

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Distance Learning

how do you create your worksheets for distance learning. anyone has any links that can help me learn how to do these? It is good to buy at pay teachers pay but the budget doesn't allow this to happen all the time. I love to see other teachers worksheets but I think I also need to learn how to do this because it helps with my budget. If anyone can provide me some links for youtube videos that will help me I am ever so grateful. Here in Belize it is easier to learn how to make you own than to buy as parents have a hard time paying school fees.

do you know of any sites which give free usage maybe for books or those that offer virtual trips. It would be great to have some access so that I can have my students visiting other areas. Imagine the possibilities, most children this side have never seen whales or other animals or even thought about visiting other countries. I would be great to see those

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Distance Learning
September 25, 2020
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