Distance Learning Activity Ideas for Kids

Distance Learning Activity Ideas for Kids

Just because you might be learning over Zoom or another app that doesn't mean you can't do all kinds of fun activities!

Here are some suggestions for distance learning activities for kids.

Scavenger Hunt. Have children find the following objects: A penny, pen, spoon, pillow, toy, and book. Ask for them one at time so it isn't overwhelming. ZOOM Scavenger Hunt

Spaceshi. Pretend you are on a spaceship in outer space. You suddenly have to leave your ship--which five items would you grab?

I Spy (Person Version). Give hints about someone you, "Spy," and have people figure out who it is over the distance learning network! Zoom I Spy and Differences Game for Children

Guess What I'm Thinking Of? Think of a person, place, item or thing and have everyone take turns asking questions until they guess what it is.

Simon Says. Give directions and make sure people only do them if you state, "Simon Says," before the directive. wikipedia.org

Homemade Band. Use everyday household objects to make a band with fun music via pots, pans, spoons, and anything else! Zoom-Based Music Band Activity

Everyone Freeze. Play music and have everyone dance. Once the music stops, they freeze!

Puppet Show. Have the children make puppets or find some and take turns putting on puppet shows.

Talent Show. Have the kids show-off a talent for everyone.

Think of a Story. Think of a story or character and have everyone guess what it/they is/are.

Rhyming Game. Say a word and have each kid say a word that rhymes with it!

Color Hunt. Have students find one item each that is pink, yellow, orange, red, and blue.

Show and Tell. Have kids share an item that is special to them. Make sure they were where they found it, why it's special, what they like about it, and when they acquired it.

Beach Game. Say you are going to the beach and have each person add an item that goes to the beach as everyone recites the list.

Story Sentences. Each person says a sentence in turn to tell a story.

Treasure Box. Have a child fill a small box with objects special to them, and then have them share why those items are special.

Museum Statues. Everyone needs to be still like a statue in the museum except for the, "Security guard." The guard needs to see if anyone moves!

Virtual Field Trip. Talk about taking an imaginary friend trip, share pictures of the place!

Item Hunt. Tell the kids to find something hard, soft, small, large, round, and square one at a time. 3 Different Zoom Scavengers Hunts

Share Some Positive News. Have each kid share a piece of positive news since the last time you saw them!

Charades. Play a game of charades, whoever guesses the answer goes next!

Drawing Game. Have a child start drawing something. Everyone tries to guess what it is!

Number Guessing. Tell the children you are thinking of a number between 1-100. They need to figure out which one it is!

Spelling Bee. Have the kids spell words you state!

Pretend Teacher. Give a child a subject and ask them to teach you and everyone else about it like they're a pretend teacher!

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Distance Learning Activity Ideas for Kids
April 19, 2020
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