Easy Tie Dye With Preschoolers

.Ava Jones
Easy Tie Dye With Preschoolers

How to do Easy Tie Dye

Tie Dye is an extremely fun activity that anyone can do regardless of how skilled they think they are (or are not) when it comes to art!

It encourages creativity and at St. Joseph Gretna Preschool in Gretna, Louisiana, they had their very own, "Art bus," they were able to make cute tie dye t-shirts on!

Some methods of tie dye can require complicated processes such as pre-soaking clothes in chemicals or mixing-up paints. This method done by St. Joseph Gretna Preschool and which you can do as well is a lot easier and great for kids!

How to do Easy Tie Dye

Purchase a tie dye kit that is advertised as being, "One Step." One popular version is by the company, "Tulip."

Have a white t-shirt for each student as well a rubber-bands, pans/containers to keep paint from spilling, gloves (to keep hands from getting stained, and bags to store shirts in as the paint sets.

Roll shirts up with the rubber-bands.

Once the dye is mixed in its squirt bottles then students can squirt dye on the shirts using whatever colors they like!Let the shirts sit in bags for a day or so and then rinse them in the sink to wash-off any excess dye.

Let the shirts then dry and you're done!

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Easy Tie Dye With Preschoolers
October 11, 2019
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