Easy Tree-Themed Snack for Kids

.Emily Davis
Easy Tree-Themed Snack for Kids

Young children generally should not be around hot stoves or ovens, but this Kindergarten, "Cooking," activity allows them to whip-up a tasty snack that looks just like a tree!

Grow by the Bay Learning Academy in North Bay Village, Florida thought of it and your class is sure to find it delicious and fun as well! The snack itself is made-up of small and large pretzel sticks along with grapes that allow kids to design their own unique trees and you can read on for the directions of how to do it!

Grow by the bay, Learning academy


How to Make Your Own Tree-Themed Snack

To make this fun and healthy treat you just need a combination of pretzel sticks and grapes (if you want to use chocolate-covered pretzels like how Grow by the Bay Learning Academy did to make things a little extra-sweet that is fine too).

You have the students shape a tree trunk out of the pretzel sticks and then use other ones to form the, 'Branches." After that you cut the grapes in half (lengthwise) and give them to students to lay flat around the pretzel tree trunk and its branches as, "Leaves." You can use different sizes and colors of grapes to add some variety as well.

Once the trees are made then the students can enjoy eating the healthy and delicious snack!

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Easy Tree-Themed Snack for Kids
October 10, 2019
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