Egg Shell Strength Experiment

At Amberwood Academy in Lauderhill, Florida they did a fantastic egg shell strength experiment!

The students learned about how while if you poke or try to crack an egg on its side it may shatter, but due to its dome shape an egg distributes any weight applies to the top of it across the entire egg. After learning this students witnessed all kinds of weight being put on their eggs!

How the Experiment Was Done

Students helped get the eggs in place and then an assortment of heavy objects were placed upon them once they were in the proper position to support weight. A heavy stack of books was put upon the eggs and they held strong. A plastic tub filled with a gallon of water was placed upon the eggs and they kept together. Even big wooden tables were unable to crack the eggs thanks to the strength of their dome shape! It was a fun experiment and can easily be done with your class as well–you just need eggs!

Amberwood Academy
Lauderhill, Florida 33351

Amberwood Academy
Lauderhill, Florida 33351

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Author: /Abigail Miller

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