Preschool Fall Math Worksheets

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8 FREE Math Worksheets for preschoolers: Color by number, Number tracing, Number sense, Fall counting…

  1. Number Sense. Cut The boxes to the right. Insert them unto the void in the correct  baskets.

2. Number Tracing. Color the hedgehogs. Trace and write a number to fill each line.

Fall Math Worksheets for Preschoolers

Our Preschool and Kindergarten Fall Math Worksheets are the perfect addition to any Autumn-theme math lesson! These free, printable worksheets are great for pre-math skills like counting and number recognition.

3. Fall Counting. Count the items in the each box. Then color of the correct ball.

4. Number Tracing. Trace the number. Color the snails.

5. Firewood Counting. Count the firewood. Fill out tight star. Then color the pictures.

6. Color by number. Use the code to color the pictures.

7. Color by number. Fall leaves.

8. Apple Ten Frames. Fill in the ten frames to match the numbers on the apples.


Fall Craft Ideas for Preschool:

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