Fishing Game with Preschoolers!

Suzie Kim
Fishing Game with Preschoolers!

Fishing Game with Preschoolers!

Fishing Game with Preschoolers!

Whenever I teach English to my young students, I usually use a lot of materials. Fishing is very interesting and easy to teach some new words to the young students. I put some flashcards(target words) on the fish. If the students catch the fish, they are supposed to say the words what they just caught. Fishing Game is very fun and easy to learn English and they will try to try the game. Although it is not easy to make the fishing game materials, I`m sure that it must be the best game ever! Children will love this game and it will be a effective way to teach English to kids.

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Fishing Game with Preschoolers!
August 30, 2023
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