Food Group Sorting Activity: What's On My Plate?

Food Group Sorting Activity: What's On My Plate?

These free printables are designed to help teach children all about healthy eating via a food group sorting activity.

The free sorting activity is made with preschool and kindergarten students in mind to assist them in learning about the five main food groups. By doing this activity kids can be taught all about healthy eating and how to ensure they enjoy balanced meals. There are 28 images of food and utensils total that can be sorted into their correct group.

What's On My Plate?

Below are the free printables students can use to build a lunch for the, "What's on My Plate," food group sorting activity. There are fruits, grains, dairy, vegetables, and protein sections labeled on the printable tray as well as spaces for the utensils. Children can take each printable item and put it where it belongs on the tray (such as milk in dairy and apples in fruit). Once everything has been properly sorted the activity is complete!

How to Download These Games

The file package containing all of these printables can be downloaded totally for free. You just need to click here in order to learn more!

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Food Group Sorting Activity: What's On My Plate?
February 4, 2020
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