Game Colors for kids make

Josy Dondicie
Game Colors for kids make

Game Colors for kids make

Colors game

Activity game for kids make, color and cut to learn and have so much fun

I did it for kis at age 6 and 7 they loved it, felt important and loved to creat their own game.

When they played it was awesome, much easier than they thought, cause they created it! I hope your kids like it like mine, you can use in two different ways. sharing just one kind of colors or using all or just associating the names.

So one class I just used one part of the game, another one the second grade i used all, and the challenge for kids were good many of them tried and got all done. I will try all game with the first grade too, to make them think more and try to win all game, now the challenge will be hard, but i hope the will get it done like the other group

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Game Colors for kids make
March 27, 2022
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