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Glow Day for Pre-K

.Isabella Jones
Glow Day for Pre-K

Glow Day for Pre-K

Mrs. Deerey’s Pre-K class at Upthegrove Elementary School in LaBelle, Florida had a glow day! All of the students had a fantastic time learning about the first letter in the word glow, the letter G, while playing as they were glowing in the dark!

The kids also worked on skills such as counting, plus letter matching, observing shapes, and even more. It was a really fun day for everyone!

Glowing in the Dark!

Mrs. Deerey's Pre-K class was able to create this incredible glowing effect by using blacklight and things that respond to blacklight via unique paint and objects designed to react to it. This resulted in glowing hats, shirts, fuzzy balls, pipe cleaners, blocks, laundry baskets, and glowing paint that looked really impressive displaying the numbers and letters that students drew. It was a stupendous way to learn about the letter G and develop other skills as well in a uniquely glowing classroom!

Upthegrove Elementary School

LaBelle, FL 33935


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Glow Day for Pre-K
January 22, 2020
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