Green-Themed Week

.Amelia White
Green-Themed Week

Green-Themed Week

At  Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect they spent a week themed for the color green! They did some fun activities that you can do too for a green-themed week!

"Grassy," sensory bin

Grass is green and has a unique texture on our hands and feet. This sensory bin uses artificial grass and toy animals that are found in nature which walk upon and/or eat grass! 

Who's wearing green?

You can have your class make a chart identifying who is wearing something green and who is not!

Frog painting

Frogs are often green, brownish-green, or yellowish-green. This fun painting activity had students take a cut-out shaped like frogs and then paint them!

Source for photos: Trinity Preschool Mount Prospect

Green-Themed Week
July 15, 2020
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