Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for Kids

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for Kids

One thing that we always associate with Halloween is a big pumpkin! One element that pumpkins have played in Halloween for years now is being decorated in all kinds of fun and wild ways.

Pumpkin decorating

Whether these decorations are really complex and done by adults and older kids, or a simple layer of paint and some decorations as a younger kindergarten or preschool student can do, they are always exciting!

Many places like Xplor Preschool & School Age Care will encourage a whole family to get together and work on a pumpkin together and then enter it in a contest.

 If the school doesn't want to send a pumpkin home however the children can do their own fun painting there as happened at Stay and Play Preschool LLC. in Brentwood, California.

If you do have a pumpkin decorating contest with the kids you can always do what Edelweiss Academy and Little Lions Learning Center in Ponder, Texas did and have everyone vote with little tickets to pick their favorite pumpkin anonymously. Regardless of who wins though it is sure to be a superb time decorating pumpkins!

Pumpkin Project for Preschool

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for Kids
August 23, 2019
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