How to Add a Post

How to Add a Post

Adding a post in the, "Classic Editor," is a relatively easy process! Here is a step-by-step guide.


If you are logged-in to you will see at the top-left of the webpage there is a plus (+) sign which allows you to add a new post. Clikc on it.

How to Add a Post

Add a Post Title,

1.You will next be taken to a text editor that is pretty straightforward where you can type in a title to your post within the, "Add Title," box.

Also please note that if you want, you can switch to the Block Editor instead of the Classic Editor if you desire, although most people find the Classic Editor a bit more user-friendly. If you do choose to use the Block Editor, you can read this post about how to make a post in it for guidance: How to Add a Post (Block Editor)

Adding Media

2. If you want to add media such as pictures or videos that is simple to do in the Classic Editor as well. Simply click the, "Add Media," button at which point you can drag-and-drop any file from your computer into the post or choose a file from your own computer as well. Once as many pictures as you want are uploaded you can select them whenever you want and insert them in your post wherever you feel they work best.

Add Text

Now within the text-editor box all you need to do is type your post! It has some functions at the top of the text-box much like popular programs such as Microsoft Word where you can make text larger (for subheadings) add bold text, italics, bullet-points, number-lists, and links all with simple clicks!

Two Additional Features to Note

5. If you want to have it so that your whole post is not displayed on the main page but people instead need to click it, you can add a, "More," button as is shown on the Classic Editor toolbar.

Publish Your Post

6. Once you have a subject, your text, pictures, and have used any extra features you might want to utilize you can then click to publish your post and it will be posted on for other teachers to enjoy!

How to Add a Post
September 18, 2019
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