Ladybug Letter Case Matching Activity

Ladybug Letter Case Matching Activity

Ladybug Letter Case Matching Activity

This letter case matching activity involves using the dots found on Ladybugs to put different looking fonts and cases of letters on the correct Ladybug.

There are eight different Ladybugs across two sheets and a third sheet with the different letter cases--resulting in three sheets total. The eight Ladybugs has two spots for the letters, resulting in the third sheet having 16 letters that are put upon the Ladybugs for this letter case matching activity. This activity can easily be laminated and then the letters cut up so that it can be repeated multiple times by different students as they learn about the different cases of letters.

Ladybug Printables

Below are the three sheets for the Ladybug letter matching activity. They can be printed out and--as mentioned--can be laminated and then cut up so that students can do the activity as they work at matching the correct letter cases!

How to Download These Files

The file package with these printables can be downloaded for free! Just click here to learn more. 

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Ladybug Letter Case Matching Activity
March 9, 2020
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