Monthly Non-standard Measurements

Diane Gonzales
Monthly Non-standard Measurements

Monthly Non-standard Measurements

Each month my students measure each other using a themed item.

In January, we used a variety of mittens.

In February, we used paper hearts, see picture.

In March, we will use Dr. Seuss "Cat in the Hat" striped hats or shamrocks.

In April, we use plastic Easter eggs.

In May, we use plastic insects, bugs, or snakes.

In August, we use real pencils, crayons, or glue bottles/sticks.

In September, we use footballs.

In October, we use small pumpkins.

In November, we use feathers.

In December, we use candy canes.

This activity reinforces measurement vocabulary. You will hear students using words like short, shorter, shortest, long, longer, and longest. Students count the items and record their "data" on a huge paper. (I usually make a poster sized copy of whatever we used to measure for them to write their "lengths".) Students are so engaged in this activity, they don't even realize they're learning.

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Monthly Non-standard Measurements
February 7, 2021
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