Mosaic Crocodile Craft for Preschoolers

.Emily Davis
Mosaic Crocodile Craft for Preschoolers

The students in the Vpk-c class at Amberwood Academy in Lauderhill, Florida, were learning about wild animals and tame animals. One of the animals they talked about was the crocodile!

The students learned how crocodiles are found in the wild and can be very dangerous animals if you are not careful near them. The class then made a mosaic crocodile!

Making the Mosaic Crocodile

The class made the Mosaic Crocodile via coloring as well as cutting-out paper from magazines that were then glued and pasted. The actual steps went as such:

  • The teacher helped make the outline of the crocodile in black.
  • The students colored-in the crocodile with green crayons.
  • Next, everyone looked through magazines for pages with the color green.
  • Pages with the color green were cut out and put in a tub.
  • Then, everyone took these green pieces of paper and began gluing them onto the colored-in crocodile.
  • Once the crocodile was covered with paper the Crocodile Mosaic was done!

Amberwood Academy


Lauderhill, FL, United States

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Mosaic Crocodile Craft for Preschoolers
January 26, 2020
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