mothers day/ladybug

Mrs Johnson
mothers day/ladybug

mothers day/ladybug

Here's an idea for a theme mothers day luncheon or tea party. May is the end of the school year and it like to show our mom's appreciation for helping us through out the school year by making their mother's day special. We also played games with the moms where they had to guess who drawings are whom and also tea cup puzzle, were you can google a clipart picture of different tea cups and cut the into 8 to 10 pieces and the mothers have to put them together and whom ever was first will say "it time for tea for mommy and me" The team comes out and they have tea!

Bonding time: It provides an opportunity to spend quality time together, strengthening the bond between the child and their mom.

Sharing stories: Tea parties often create a cozy atmosphere, making it easier to share stories and experiences with each other.

Relaxation: Enjoying a cup of tea can be a calming experience, allowing both mom and child to unwind and de-stress.

Creating memories: Tea parties can become cherished memories that the child will remember fondly as they grow up.

Learning etiquette: Tea parties can be a fun way for moms to teach their children basic etiquette and manners.

Connection: It can foster a sense of connection and closeness between the child and their mom.

Overall, having a tea party with moms provides a nurturing and enjoyable experience that can bring both joy and valuable life lessons.

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mothers day/ladybug
July 30, 2023
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