Online Charades Activity to Do With Children

Online Charades Activity to Do With Children

Charades is a very popular game for groups of people to play. It can easily be done online via a program such as Zoom too!

ll you need to do is separate teams, decide if there is a specific theme (movies, animals, etc.) and then start playing!

Doing Online Charades

After everyone has logged-on to Zoom separate them into teams so that the groups are evenly matched (or just have one extra person if it is an odd number of people).

Discuss if the game of Charades has a specific theme (all answers are within a certain category) or not. Also, how long each team has to do the Charade.

Have one team volunteer to go first and choose which member of their team will be the Charade-actor.

The person doing the Charades begins and has until the time runs out to do the motions (no talking) or until their team guesses the correct answer.

After one team has their turn, the next goes until every player on every team has gone. Then the game is done with the winner being whichever team guessed the most Charades correctly!

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Online Charades Activity to Do With Children
April 2, 2020
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