Painted Shark Rock. Your Very Own Shark in Rock-Form

Painted Shark Rock
Kids Connect Preschool
Tonawanda, New York

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your preschool or kindergarten this is an exciting one to do on a fun topic–sharks! Children often love to think about the underwater world of the Ocean when it comes to playing games and being creative, with sharks often being an especially awe-inspiring subject. This craft allows kids to not only talk about sharks, but make their own from a rock they get to paint and take home!

Welcome to Shark Week!

Kids Connect in North Tonawanda, New York, had its own, “Shark week,” dedicated to these mighty fish! Despite how scary these formidable predators can sometimes look, it was great fun for everyone once they realized they didn’t have to touch any REAL sharks, just their rocks they painted!

Painted Shark Rock preschool
Kids Connect Preschool
Tonawanda, New York

Every Painted Shark Rock is Unique

As every stone is different it allows each child to make their own creative, one-of-kind works of art. This personal touch lets kids be extra-proud of the shark they painted and then they are even more excited to have their painted shark rock, “Swim,” home with them!

Kids Connect Preschool
Tonawanda, New York

A Printable Shark For You

We have provided this helpful coloring page with a shark we suggest you download and enjoy coloring with your preschoolers for your own, “Shark week.” It is sure to be a fun one!

Shark coloring page

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