Paper Flowers for a spring lesson

Luciane Chiabai
Paper Flowers for a spring lesson

Paper Flowers for a spring lesson

Easy Origami Tulip Craft for Kids

A perfect origami spring craft or even lovelier incorporated into a Mother’s Day Card.

Spring is in the air and Mother’s day is just around the corner! This means that it’s the season for flowers – bright, fresh and pretty! While there are several varieties of flowers blooming this season, toda, we’re focusing on the tulip with a simple Origami paper tulip craft. These tulips are super easy to make and look great on a greeting card, as part of a collage or as “stand-alone” decorations. They are also a great origami project for beginners. So now you have no excuse not to make these colorful blooms!

Supplies Needed:

Craft paper in green and different bright colors (I’ve used pink, yellow and red)


Glue (optional)

1. Take a square shaped craft paper of either 10×10 or 12×12 measurements and fold it corner to corner across the center, making exact halves. You now have a triangle.

2. Fold the triangle by half horizontally, as shown in the picture. Unfold the triangle; you now have a center fold line.

3. From the center point of the fold at the base of the triangle, fold upwards on either side, so that it looks like the picture.

4. Now turn the tulip on its back and make small folds on the edges, so that the folds are not visible when you turn the tulip back up front. The tulip head is now ready; repeat these steps with craft paper in other colors.

Your beautiful tulip is ready!

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Paper Flowers for a spring lesson
October 27, 2020
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