Picture Filling-In Activities for Toddlers

Picture Filling-In Activities for Toddlers

Picture Filling-In Activities for Toddlers

These picture-filling in activities are a great way for toddlers to learn about what images should be placed in which spot.

There are five different images and they have to the side an assortment of images that belong in different parts of the picture. These activities can be printed out, laminated, and the images cut out and put to the side to then be placed upon the picture where it belongs.

The Activity Sheets

The five different activity sheets have different scenarios pictured where images belong. One picture has a little hedgehog heading out of his house, another picture features a hedgehog out for a walk, then an image with a boy and his dog in the tub, a baker working in the kitchen, and lastly a boy and girl in a tree eating apples. The images can be placed where they belong in the picture to complete the activity and it will help toddlers with learning about what items go where (e.g. cakes go in the oven, toys go in the tub).

How to FREE Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! Click here to see more

You also have the option to purchase at this website.

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Picture Filling-In Activities for Toddlers
February 19, 2020
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