Pizza-Style 2D and 3D Themed Centers About Shapes to Use With Young Students

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Pizza-Style 2D and 3D Themed Centers About Shapes to Use With Young Students

Ms. Marley Hall of Myrtle Grove Christian School in Willmington, North Carolina, did a number of centers themed for 2D and 3D shapes with her students, and they were extremely fun!

There were six centers total and many of them had a pizzeria theme. Ms. Hall was able topurchase many of the pieces she needed for her theme (a checkered table cover, pizza decor) on websites such as Amazon or at Party City. Then, she used Google to find a fun background image for her smart board and to play Italian-themed background music while the students visited six different centers.

Pizza-Style 2D and 3D Centers

Center 1 was Play-Doh pizzas. the studnets used yellow Play-Doh to create the shape of a pizza and added red buttons(as if pepperoni) to match the image on cards that came in a TPT set.

Center 2 had a roll and add-toppings activity where students used patterned blocks and buttons as toppings on pizza mats they matched the roll of dice with.

Center 3 was themed for sorting a salad bar. The students sorted 2D and 3D shapes based on various attributes. Ms. Hall put shredded green paper in all of the bowls and had different salads need different sideded toppings!

Center 4 happened to be designed for dramatic play as a pizza parlor! There were yellow plates that served as the, "Pizza," along with felt shapes serving as the, "Toppings," along with laminated menus that allowed students to circle their orders!

Center 5 was focused on making lifesized, "Pizzas," for the students to enjoy and was a favorite center for many children. There was a giant piece of tan felt Ms. Hall cut out and then yellow Easter basket paper shreds were used as cheese and big felt shapes served as toppings.

Center 6 encouraged students to make their own real-life tasty mini-pizzzas. The kids used English muffins and a toaster oven from the school's STEM lab. The kids put their pizzas together with the toppings they wanted and then Ms. Hall cooked them around 5 minutes at 400 degrees before letting them cool and then having the students eat them!

-- Marley Hall

Myrtle Grove Christian School


Wilmington, NC, United States

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Pizza-Style 2D and 3D Themed Centers About Shapes to Use With Young Students
March 1, 2020
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