Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Spaghetti is often really fun for preschoolers to play with. It feels wet and sticky, but not too slimy. Also, it is non-toxic should any preschoolers want to put it in their mouth (after all, its just tasty spaghetti).

At Country Kids Schoolhouse of Eagle in Eagle, Wisconsin, they had the smart idea to make a sensory bin full of spaghetti even more exciting by doing, "Rainbow spaghetti." By dying various groups/clumps of spaghetti different bright colors it can be really fun for kids who want to not only feel the spaghetti, but mix-and-match pieces to make cool designs out of the colors. All you need is a big bin and the spaghetti that you have dyed!

How To Make Your Own Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Let the preschoolers play in the big sensory bin full of your colorful spaghetti that makes a beautiful rainbow!

How to Safely Dye Spaghetti

1. To safely dye spaghetti for sensory play you first cook the spaghetti as you normally would but take it out of a pot of boiling water before it is too soft--you still want it a little firm as it will soon be exposed to more water and you don't want your spaghetti becoming overly-mushy!

2. Separate groups of pasta into separate Ziploc bags, use a different one for each color you plan to use.

3. Take a food dye (you want to always use a coloring-agent that is safe to ingest) and put it and about two tablespoons of water in a Ziploc bag of noodles. Use more food dye if you want the noodles to really have the color, or less food dye if you don't want the color too striking. Repeat this step with a food dye color and two tablespoons of water for each bag.

4. Let a bag full of the water and food-coloring sit for at least a minute.

5. Empty a bag of colored-spaghetti into a strainer/colander in your sink and rinse-off any extra food dye. Transfer your now-colorful spaghetti into the big sensory bin. Repeat this step for however many Ziploc bags you have.

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Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Bin
August 24, 2019
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