Rubber Glove Science Experiment for Preschoolers

Olivia Johnson
Rubber Glove Science Experiment for Preschoolers

Science Experiment: “MR. HIGH FIVE”

This fun science experiment was done at Christian Family Day Care & Preschool in Moreno Valley, California, where the kids had a wonderful time doing it! This experiment involves inflating a rubber glove so that kids can enjoy giving it a high-five!

Supplies You Will Need

  1. Red Solo Cups
  2. Rubber Cleaning Gloves (NOTE: Avoid latex as some students may have an allergy and not even know they do)
  3. Plastic Straws
  4. Rubber-bands
  5. Black Sharpie Markers
  6. A Hole Punch
  7. Tape (may be needed)

How To Do the Experiment

First draw the numbers 1 through 5 on each finger of the gloves and give them a smiley face. Christian Family Day Care & Preschool named their gloves, "Mr. High Five," and you can do so too or come-up with your own fun name for the gloves!

Use a hole punch to make a little hole about half-way down the cup from the rim.

Talk with the students about how they are going to make their own smiling friend they can give high-fives to and make sure they are ready to listen to all the upcoming steps.

Have the students put the rubber glove over the top of the red Solo cup and then have them secure their glove in place with a rubber-band.

Instruct students to insert their straws into the hole in the middle of the red Solo cup that was punched by your earlier with the hole punch. If the straw is a little small and fits too easily you may want to add some tape around it to make sure there is a good seal for the next step.

Have students blow into the straw so that their glove inflates and they can give the smiling glove a high-five! Before it deflates after they stop blowing air into the cup.

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Rubber Glove Science Experiment for Preschoolers
September 25, 2019
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