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Sensory activity with colors and texture

Betty Waterlily
Sensory activity with colors and texture

Sensory activity with colors and texture

I home school my son who is two and we explore with home items. This time he was learning the colour red and i used rice to help him experience texture as well. He enjoyed the whole activity. He enjoyed making circles.

Making the coloured rice

I used a zip lock bag and a small portion of rice to which i added red food colouring. I made red, yellow and green. Our first colour to explore was red.

Once coated well by rubbing the two inside a closed bag, place in a bowl or any clean surface to dry. I left mine for 30 minutes.

It can be used to teach different colours.

To teach texture.

Can be used as a shape or letter formation activity.

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Sensory activity with colors and texture
June 9, 2024
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