Spider Web STEM Activity

.Charlotte Moore
Spider Web STEM Activity

The, "Little spiders," at Bright Beginnings Parent Participation Preschool in California made their own webs as a part of a STEM-based activity!

It was discussed how spiders are like little engineers who create their own complex webs so that they can catch meals and the preschoolers at Bright Beginnings had a fun time creating their own webs they then tested by putting toy spiders atop to make sure their webs were well-constructed!

Making the Spider Webs

The preschoolers made the webs by gathering-up sticks and then using string (with tape to help old the string together) to knot the sticks together into a triangular shape.

Next, they used more string they wrapped edge-to-edge in order to create their very own spider webs! They used more pieces of tape to be sure the ends of the string stayed in place and used a good deal of string to ensure the web was nice and strong.

Lastly, they put their toy spiders atop the web to be sure everything was sturdy. It was a fun and thoughtful activity for sure!


Bright Beginnings Parent Participation Preschool, California


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Spider Web STEM Activity
October 31, 2019
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