Square Pumpkin Snack-Making Activity

.Mia Brown
Square Pumpkin Snack-Making Activity

One popular book among children is, "The Legend of Spooky The Square Pumpkin," and this snack-making activity done by Glenwood Country Day School of Woodbine, Maryland is inspired by it! After you read your own class the story they can enjoy making their own square, "Pumpkin," to eat as a snack!

Glenwood Country Day School
Woodbine, Maryland

Ingredients Needed for the Square Pumpkin Snack

  • Graham cracker
  • Orange frosting
  • Green gel frosting
  • Red gel frosting
  • Edible candy eyes
  • A spatula or spoon for spreading frosting

How to Make the Square Pumpkin Snack

First read the book, "The Legend of Spooky The Square Pumpkin," and then tell students they are going to make their own square pumpkin.

Have students take their graham cracker and use the spoon (or spatula) to spread orange frosting all around it.

Next, students can squirt some green gel frosting at the top so it looks like a pumpkin stem.

Now have the preschoolers make a mouth for their pumpkin with the red gel frosting.

Lastly, students can add the edible candy eyes to the pumpkin.

Now students can enjoy eating their tasty square pumpkin snack!

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Square Pumpkin Snack-Making Activity
October 10, 2019
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