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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Turkey Cupcakes

One tasty treat your preschoolers are sure to love is making their own turkeys out of pieces of candy they put on a cupcake! All you need are cupcakes, an assortment of candy-pieces, and creativity! Plus, once the turkeys are done being made the kids can eat them!

Big Turkey of Thanks

7 Magic Flowers Bilingual Montessori Preschool in San Jose, California, the students and their families had their own turkey feather made out of a piece of paper they could write everything they were thankful for. Then, these, "Feathers," were all attached to a big paper turkey full of thanks!

Big Hand-Print Turkey

All of the preschool students get to trace their hands, cut-out the paper (with an adult's help) and then the paper-hands can be assembled together to make a turkey who has his body and feathers from the hands of all the students! Little Lions Learning Center in Ponder, Texas, used a variety of colors construction paper to make their awesome turkeys out of all their preschoolers' hands and it came-out great!

Little Turkey of Thanks

This is a bit like the big turkey of thanks, but in this version of the craft each student gets their own little turkey and puts an individual thing they are thankful for on a single feather until they have a turkey with a whole bunch of thanks/feathers! It was a great activity in Lighthouse Preschool of FBC Mascoutah, with turkeys full of things to be thankful about!

Little Hand-Print Turkeys

This is also like another craft, the big hand-print turkey. However, in this version there are many smaller turkeys, with each turkey made out of a single student's hand-print traced multiple times to make-up their own turkey and its feathers. At My Curious Monkey's Childcare they loved how this makes each turkey unique to each preschooler!

Hand-Print Paint Turkey

Calico Cat Preschool of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church did their own versions of some of the activities listed above in addition to their own clever take on using a hand-print where instead of tracing it for paper the preschoolers got to get their hands covered in paint, press them on paper, and then put decorations around their hand-print to make it look like a turkey! As everyone's hand-print is different every turkey is special too!

Turkey Snack

Not everyone wants to eat a real-life turkey, but who can resist a, "Turkey," made out of fruit and cheese? Adults and preschoolers can have a great time putting pieces of fruit together to make a, "Turkey," that is actually grapes, melon, cheeses, or anything else nutritious. Plus, after the turkey is put-together everybody gets to have a tasty snack as they take it apart and eat the, "Turkey," meat AKA fruits and cheese. Graceful Beginnings Pre-Kindergarten

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
August 24, 2019
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