Transportation - Train Art and Craft

Transportation - Train Art and Craft

Transportation - Train Art and CraftAnother transportation theme art and craft that I believe your kids or students will enjoy!How to make train out of recycled box?Things to prepare:- Recycled box (Train's body)- Toilet paper roll (Funnel)- Coloured paper / Coloured cardstock paper- Cardboard- Scissors, Glue- Blade- Used Yoghurt box or jelly (to carry passenger etc, Toothpick (Not necessary if only wanted to do the front part)Front and side view of the trainYou may make it as a tissue box holder (provided you leave the box behind open to allow u to replaced new tissue once emptied, or else you can place the tissue for decoration purposes as if there is steam coming out from the funnel.Enjoy and have fun!

Transportation - Train Art and Craft
May 20, 2020
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