Turkey Art Activities for Preschoolers

Turkey Art Activities for Preschoolers

Turkey Art Activities for Preschoolers

Monster Truck Turkeys, Hand-Print Turkeys, Kindergarten Turkey Shapes, Pre-K Circle Turkeys.

Monster Truck Turkeys

If your preschoolers want to paint but are not the most skilled at brushes or getting their hands messy sounds difficult, try making monster truck turkeys!  The preschoolers paint their turkeys with the wheels of toy monster trucks (or any toy car can work, but monster trucks are extra-fun). It is easy to set-up with only paper, paint, and a toy truck needed! It was very popular at Happy Feet Preschool.


Hand-Print Turkeys

If it is okay to get hands messy, these hand-print turkeys are fabulous. At Congregation Adat Reyim Preschool all the preschoolers got brown paint on their hands and different colors of paint on their fingers (for the turkey feathers). If you students do this all they need to do is get the pain and press their hands to the paper and to have a gorgeous turkey.


Pre-K Circle Turkeys

Pre-K kids don't always know how to make a lot of shapes or designs, so having the preschoolers make their turkeys out of a bunch of circles they then get to decorate with colors, feathers, or anything else they like is both easy and lots of fun! St. Pius X Catholic School in Aurora, CO, made many circles and turkeys!


Kindergarten Turkey Shapes

At Aldrin Elementary School Fine Arts they learned about an assortment of shapes and drew them to make turkeys out of triangles, rectangles, squares, and more! Your preschoolers can do this too and then color their turkeys with lots of bright colorful feathers!


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Turkey Art Activities for Preschoolers
August 24, 2019
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