U is for Unicorn Papercraft

U is for Unicorn Papercraft

U is for Unicorn Papercraft

At Rainbow Day's Preschool, they created a fun unicorn out of the letter U because U is for unicorn!

Materials needed for this craft

To make your own unicorn papercraft you will need the following:

*A big piece of white poster board paper

*Rainbow colors of construction paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue if available, and violet/purple

*Brown construction paper

*White construction paper



How to do this craft:

1. Cut a big U with a bigger circular end on one side (this will be the unicorn's head) out of your white poster board paper.

2. Cut a triangle out of your brown construction paper. This will be the unicorn's horn.

3. Cut four rectangles out of the white construction paper. These will be the unicorn's legs.

4. Cut striped pieces out of the rainbow colors of construction paper, these will be the unicorn's mane and/or tail.

5. Glue your horn on your unicorn's head.

6. Glue your legs on your unicorn's torso.

7. Glue your rainbow stripes to be your unicorn's mane and/or tail.

8. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone how U is for unicorn!

Source for photos: Rainbow Day's Preschool

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U is for Unicorn Papercraft
January 13, 2021
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