Valentine's Day Suncatcher Craft

.Sophia Williams
Valentine's Day Suncatcher Craft

At Little Ones’ Preschool in Lakeville, Indiana the class did a Valentine's Day-themed craft!

They discussed how the holiday of Valentine's Day would be soon and that hearts are often used as symbols during the holiday for love and friendship. With that in mind, the class proceeded to make heart-shaped suncatchers for fun!

How a Suncatcher Craft Is Done

Suncatchers are designs that involve shapes with transparent space (like clear wax paper or with nothing in it if building-in from the corners) for crepe paper/tissue paper to be glued into the transparent or open space and make gorgeous designs that look impressive when the sun hits them and they, "Catch," the sunlight. These heart-shaped suncatchers involved using colors often associated with Valentine's Day such as red, pink, and white. The students glued the crepe paper together to fill in space within the heart and to surround an additional heart in the center. The final result was beautiful and made a lovely suncatcher for Valentine's Day!

Little Ones' Preschool


Lakeville, IN, United States

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Valentine's Day Suncatcher Craft
January 31, 2020
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