Valentine's Day-Themed Dice Rolling and Cover Game

Valentine's Day-Themed Dice Rolling and Cover Game

This set of printables contains 2 sheets that have the numbers 2-12 (these numbers will be rolled with dice). There also is a sheet of hearts that you will need to print twice to have enough hearts for the activity.

The rules of the game are that players roll the 2 dice and then add the numbers up. Once they know what number they have they need to note it on their sheet. They do this by covering the number with one of the printable hearts. Players take turns rolling dice and whoever fills their sheet the fasted with hearts covering numbers has won. Students may reroll numbers they have already covered as they play, this is normal and to be expected. When that happens they just let the next player have their turn. The key is to roll all the needed numbers at least once.

Rolling Game Sheets and Hearts for Covering

Below are the printables for the rolling game as well as the hearts for covering the numbers as their numbers are rolled.

Heart Roll and Cover Mats

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! It is one of the gifts you are sent upon sharing a post here at!  Click here to see more

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Valentine's Day-Themed Dice Rolling and Cover Game
January 22, 2020
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