Valentine's Day-Themed Mathematical Activities

Valentine's Day-Themed Mathematical Activities

Valentine's Day-Themed Mathematical Activities

These Valentine's Day-themed activities are great for helping students to learn math skills. They involve counting, numeral recognition, and recognizing (and identifying) patterns. They are great to do the week of Valentine's Day or with any kind of Valentine's Day-focused segment.

Clothespin Counting

There are eight cards total which are printed over two sheets. On the eight cards, there is an image in each card that has a specific number of items. Four different options are under each image and students can attach a clothespin to identify which numeral is the correct number. By laminating everything you can do this activity multiple times too!

Heart Patterns

There are two sheets for this activity with hearts at the bottom which can be cut out and pasted into the correct pattern. Students can study each pattern and once they recognize where a heart belongs they paste it into the pattern. Each sheet has five patterns for ten patterns of hearts in total.

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! It is one of the gifts you are sent upon sharing a post here at!  Click here to see more

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website.

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Valentine's Day-Themed Mathematical Activities
January 18, 2020
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