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Weekly Planner For Your Preschool Class

Weekly Planner For Your Preschool Class

Weekly Planner For Your Preschool Class

This free printable of a weekly planner is great to use with your preschool class! It can help you stay focused on a particular schedule and assist you in plotting-out what each week may entail.

Plus, as young children benefit from structure and repetition it is beneficial for them too as they'll always know to expect certain activities/projects at specific times!

Activities To Plan

Circle Time:

This is when the class sits together in a circle and does things such as singing songs, engaging in finger-plays, or reviewing numbers and letters of the alphabet aloud. Circle time is also great for reading a story to everyone.

Language Arts:

Reading, writing, and speaking are the focus of language arts. Discussing new words, how a student can spell their name, developing listening-skills, and reviewing phonics all are a part of this category.

Math and Science:

Counting, colors, graphs, one-to-one correspondence and fun experiments are what's entailed by math and science.

Motor Skills:

This is when it is time to get-up, move around, and play! Developing fine motor and gross motor skills can mean jumping, climbing, dancing, and when everyone is ready to take a break from being active practicing handwriting is a part of this too!

Sensory Play:

Whether it is touching the objects in sensory bins, examining sensory bottles, trying snacks, or anything else that engages the five senses, sensory play is about students exploring the World around them.

Process Art or Crafts:

Process Art refers to open-ended art projects where preschoolers are given supplies and tools and told to make whatever they would like and crafts are art projects with a specific end-goal creation in mind. Doing a mixture of both helps develop students' abilities to be creative as well as follow directions.

Free Printable Weekly Planner

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Weekly Preschool Planner
Weekly Preschool Planner
Weekly Preschool Planner

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Weekly Planner For Your Preschool Class
November 5, 2019
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