What works for me

Arianna Harmon
What works for me

Having a routine of what type of activities are done on certain days. My students are prepared ahead of time to switch their brains into literacy or math mode or get ready to do some cool science experiment

When I'm out of the classroom, the substitute can always count on my students to help them out when confused on what to do next. I feel proud and confident that each and every one of my students is on their way to being ready for kindergarten and the school career beyond that.

Community helpers to a topic that we talk about often. We like to explore different and unique career options that we might like to do later on in our lives. We talk about the pros and cons of doing each job as well as why we might not want to have a career like that.

Often my students love learning about what tools each community helper might use. Also learning more and more about what makes them a community helper and why their jobs are so very important.

We discuss if we know anyone with a community helper job and why they are important to us.

What works for me
January 30, 2022
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