Zoom I Spy and Differences Game for Children

Zoom I Spy and Differences Game for Children

Zoom I Spy Game

These two printable worksheets are themed for the popular teleconferencing software, Zoom.

They feature an, "I Spy," game as well as a worksheet dedicated to finding the differences between two pictures. These worksheets come in both color and black-and-white so that they can be colored-in for extra fun by children doing the worksheets!

I Spy Game

This worksheet is an, "I Spy," game where children need to look at the kids who are doing a Zoom call and find six different objects: A ball, cat, clock, brush, the Sun, and a parrot. Children can circle the objects with a pen or pencil when they find them!

Find the Differences

This worksheet has a tiger on a Zoom call in two different images. There are eight differences between the pictures in total and children can circle what is different with a pen or pencil in the pictures to complete this worksheet.

How to Download the Files

This entire file package can be downloaded completely for free. Just click here for details.

Also, you can purchase the sheets at this website 

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Zoom I Spy and Differences Game for Children
April 15, 2020
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