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3D Shapes Printable Building Activity for Children

3D Shapes Printable Building Activity for Children

3D Shapes Printable Building Activity for Children

This printable building activity encourages children to think three-dimensionally with 2D paper shapes that simulate 3D imagery--in other words, consolidate their knowledge.

The cards show various buildings that can be created with individual pieces and then there are paper pieces with those shapes that children can utilize to try and copy what the card's model.

Building Example Cards and Shapes Cards

Below are the printables for the activity.

This activity has 4 sheets total, 2 with the sample buildings and 2 with the shape that are used to replicate the buildings. You can print out all of these images and then cut out the individual 3D figures.

Then you can request for a student to build the house-shape that looks just like one of the modeled ones.

Once the children model all of the buildings made out of shapes they also can use the 3D shapes to build their own new buildings!

How to Download This File

This file of the teeth brushing printable can be downloaded completely for free!  You can click here to learn more.

You also have the option to purchase shape activity at this website.

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3D Shapes Printable Building Activity for Children
February 17, 2020
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