House-Themed Block Building Activity for Toddlers

House-Themed Block Building Activity for Toddlers

House-Themed Block Building Activity for Toddlers

At Teeny Tiny Preschool they knew that their toddlers loved playing with blocks and thought-up a clever activity to help with their building-skills and attention spans. The children were given an assortment of blocks and asked to use them to build a home for their toy dinosaurs! The children had to carefully examine how big their dinosaur toys were and pay attention as they stacked blocks to make sure they made homes that were wide and tall enough for their Dinos!

Doing this activity helped the little ones develop their thinking skills as they carefully examined how tall and wide their blocks would need to be in order to fit the dinosaurs. It was a great way to develop critical thinking. You can do this activity too using any kind of toy that may need a, "Home," such as stuff bears, action figures, or anything else!

Source for photos: Teeny Tiny Preschool

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House-Themed Block Building Activity for Toddlers
September 12, 2020
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