7 Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas from New Jersey

Olivia Johnson
7 Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas from New Jersey

7 Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas from New Jersey

These seven different bulletin board ideas all come from Lightbridge Academy of Woodbridge, NJ where different classes each made some incredible (and sometimes quite spooky) bulletin boards!

Give them all a look and then comment below with your vote for which one is your favorite!

1. Get Caught in Our Web

Spiders can be quite creepy and give many people quite a scare. This bulletin board has one big spider with a web full of little ones that students helped make!

2. Bootastic Babies Bulletin Board

The young infant room is celebrating how, "Bootastic," their kids are with this decoration that features baby ghosts that the infants in the room assisted with painting.

3. Is it October 31st Yet?

Halloween is of course on October 31st and this bulletin board full of pumpkins, bats, owls, leaves, and ghosts is full of the kind of imagery you'd expect to see on Halloween!

4. We're Batty For Halloween

On this bulletin board there are plenty of bats, ghosts, and jack o' lanterns to show how excited the class is for the holiday!

5. We're Batty About Halloween!

This class has a bulletin board full of bats as well, and an especially intricate and spooky tree the bats like to hang from!

6. We Are Batty Bulletin Board

One more bat-themed bulletin board, and this one has the bats cleverly made out of tracings of students hands then cut-out and glued together to make the bats!

7. All Wrapped Up In Goldfish!

The, "Goldfish," room has a bunch of mummies on the loose roaming around that the students got to help create!

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7 Halloween Bulletin Board Ideas from New Jersey
October 4, 2019
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