Winter-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

At Swift Child Care Early Childhood Centers, they were proud to display their beautiful winter-themed bulletin boards. The one that can be seen above featured gingerbread people and images of the kids making gingerbread houses. This was more Christmas-season-themed than winter but still was fun. The other bulletin boards were very much themed for winter as can be seen below!

Unique as snowflakes

This bulletin board declared how the students were each, "Unique as snowflakes." Snowflakes are very complex and the saying goes that no two are alike! Students are very unique too!


Another bulletin board stated how preschool was, "Snow," much fun as a clever pun and had the students as cute little penguins! All the bulletin boards were very beautiful.

Source for photos: Swif Child Care Early Childhood Centers

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Winter-Themed Bulletin Board Ideas
December 31, 2020
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