Candy Theme Bulletin Board

Lani Rose Concepcion
Candy Theme Bulletin Board

Candy Theme Bulletin Board

The pandemic is not a reason not to decorate our classrooms. This classroom was turned into module hub where parents can drop and pick up modules and worksheets for our Kindergarten learners. We placed big plastic storage boxes where completed worksheets and modules can be dropped and pick up their new set of work from another box. The decorations for the Kinder module hub was inspired from Candyland.

Materials Used:

crepe paper (red, green, yellow, blue)

cartolina paper (assorted colors)

carton box (recycle)

construction paper (assorted colors)

glue gun



poster paint


The crepe papers were used to create the rainbow. White cartolina to cover the board. The post on the side was from brown cartolina placed with blue cartolina to create the stripes. The ice pop was drawn from a recycle carton box and painted with poster paint. The colored sprinkles were cut outs from construction paper. Various chocolates and candies were printed out and placed at the end of the rainbow. The words on the bulletin board were printed out.

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Candy Theme Bulletin Board
January 11, 2022
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